the #1 dead or alive, the #1 enemy of the state, caution probably armed and dangerous

and yes, I stand up for the rights to wear a burqa : - )


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nicknamE: ZeNNeC
real namE: Patrian Remie Marco Pastor
a.k.a.: The royal court jester, The terminal reader, The Internet FOOL.
foundeR of: ZeNNeC Labs Inc. Web Hosting & Web Applications (discontinued) at
PHPWebMailer - PHP Bulk E-Mailer Application (discontinued) at
ZeNNeC IRC Networks (discontinued) at,
Zoogle Google Images Slideshow (discontinued) at
ZeNNeC H4X0R5 Hall Of Fame "defaced web pages" (discontinued) at,
ZeNNeC Psy-Trance Radio Station (discontinued) at, and at
draPsofT ™ - Software Development Community & Free Software Promotion (online) at
gamer nicknamE: Lord Warlock for first person shooter games, and otherwise it's normally ZeNNeC
gendeR: male
sexualitY: bisexual with a preference for androgynous appearance of the other partner, and I am not monogamous.
agE: very variable, not determineD
lengtH: 1.93 centimeters (cm)
weighT: 74.7 kilograms (kg)
color eyeS: it was always the color brown, and present my iris is color green and gray with a rand of color blue at the outer side.
color of haiR: dark blonde, dark gray.
color of skiN: white normally but because i am a lot outside on street there by i am tinted.
religioN: all the goods of all the religions that ever existed, being compatible to all humans, animals, plants including laws, The Ten Commitments of Mozes.
hierarchY: the highest for me are the material (like planet Earth it self), then plants, then animals, and then at last the humans (the babys of nature). 
politicS: love, mercy, and orderly if possible.
clothinG: casual (oversized)
favorite shoe branD: Asics, Reebok
favorite socks coloR: sport socks in the color white.
drugS: cannabis weed "Skunk", no hash for me anymore if i can choose. CLEAN ! : - )
prefered method of drugs usE: by rolling a small joint, rolling paper inside out, and the tip as M instead of a S, and a S also if necessary.
alcoholic usE: occasionally strong alcoholic, prefer the brand Coebergh red fruit in a thin and small jenever glass with a feet.
date of birtH: 05 april so Aries as astrological animal sign, instead of year of birth i give my astrological ascendant it's Libra on the time 19:45 Amsterdam The Netherlands.
place of birtH: east of Amsterdam, nord of Holland, The Netherlands, The Luxemburgs, Europe, planet Earth, in the Milky Way galaxy, Universum, the Kosmos.
medical diagnostiC:
 adhd, autistic, schizophrenic, splitted personality, and mad
last mentioned locatioN: (in a fictive datacenter called DLX5 in the city of) Amsterdam, nord of Holland, The Netherlands, The Luxemburgs, Europe, on the planet named Earth near the beautiful planet named The Moon, in the Milky Way galaxy.
educatioN: 2 years kindergarten, 7 years elementary school, almost 1 year high school, almost 1 year boarding school, 1 month of short secondary education (LOL), some time on a guild school to educate goldsmith and gemstones (not finished), and 1 year of re-education to become a Windows system manager in the year of 2000, all the rest I learned myself with support of the angels and demons.
native languagE: Dutch with a little accent of Amsterdam.
languages skillS: English, and i'm now learning German, after that i will try to learn France, probably i'm dead before I finish.
sport in youtH: competition swimming, riding horse, judo (very short time), competition water polo.
present sportS: none at this moment and not planning to.
job functioN: System manager / Software developer / IT consultant 
occupationaL: First aid, Spiritual police officer, Certified system manager, Occupational health and safety management, (unemployed at the moment, retired. i'm gone learn a new job).
hobby'S: web application programer, website designer, graphical designer, cryptography, electronic psy-trance music componist.
program languageS: 
HTML5, PHP dynamic web pages & MySQL database applications, 
a little bit of the 
mIRC script language, and learning C++
favorite coloR:
anthracite, red
favorite numbeR: none
favorite Pope: Paus Johannes Paulus de tweede (18 mei 1920 - 2 april 2005) may God have his soul in all 
favorite historical figurE: Albert Einstein, Superman, Darth Vader, and Billy the Kid.
favorite tobacco branD:
David & Goliath (zware 
shag) (heavy taste/taste black).
favorite drinK: regular coffee with 1 milk (creamer) and 1 sugar, cold (
pasteurizedcow milk, and of course cold water.
favorite gadgeT: a handheld Garmin Global Positioning System (GPS).
last mentioned favorite Internet radio statioN: (Feelin Frisky?), formerly it was
favorite music genrE: Arabic, Classical, Hang Drum, Reggae, Acid, Psy-Trance, Dark-Trance, 
and Gangster Rap
favorite international music banD: ABBA, Bee Gees, Bob Marley, Queen, Phil Collins, Lionel Richie, Kate Bush - Kick Insideand many more.
favorite soccer teaM: F.C. Pec Zwolle, Yeah :-) we will win
favorite board gamE: Citadel, Backgammon in the variant named Tric-Trac.
favorite computer gamE: Eat a Worm (Comex 35, basic home computer not a camera), Crazy Comets (Commodore 64), Duck Shoot (unknown console), Sonic classic (Sega), The Fast and The Furious - Tokyo Drift (PS2) I did won a Lexus LFA (€250.000/325 Kmh) with this last named game my really most favorite.
favorite text editoR: Edit++, Sublime text, and now I do use occasionally the portable version of Notepad++
favorite graphical editoR: Windows Paint, IrfanView, Gimp, Inkscape, and Krita.
favorite color pickeR: Visual Color Picker, I'm using now the color picker program called "Pixie".
favorite webpagE:
favorite BBS softwarE: Remote Access (early WareZ), and some other but can't look-up the names on floppy's on this moment it's stored somewhere else.
favorite TV showS: M.A.S.H., Jeannie in a bottle, Galactica, Inspector Gadget.
favorite booK: Dikke Trom
I did wetted my broek till the age of 14 years.
I did play with Playmobil till the age of 16 years.

favorite painteR: Adriaen zoon (zn.) Brouwer.
Adriaen Brouwer - Youth Making a Face Youth Making a Face
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DiedJanuary 1638, Antwerp, Belgium
This is also very nice information that can belongs to it:

warninG: I'm a Magician (a warning because i am not good at it).
i lovE: Belgium, Germany, England, France, Japan, Schotland, Ireland, Surinamen, Oostenrijk, Zwitserland, Greenland, i have a Chinese girlfriend and from Thailand :-) and Dominicaanse republiek and Iran also.
I Love the whole world in total with all the people on it, but most the flowers, plants, trees and 
the animals : - )
And I love Bennie Jolink

After 20 years I can't even recognize the most of my former family, with that I have absolutely no certainty
I experience that as scary and it will be better to be alone with new strange people who will be my new family and that's the way for the last 10 years now for me and I will put me down to it

I'm still not yet finished with this profile
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