Tjuuk, tjuuk, the steam train is coming...
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people on the train if you find this on the Internet THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR THE FOTO :-D

alL those photos above are made (before 2010) in the city of amsterdaM, this is the main city of the country thE netherlandS
and is also being called hollanD.

balcony clinic department 3A mentruM arkiN at the address eerstE constantijN huygensstraaT 38, 1054 BR amsterdaM, thE netherlandS 
summer 2011
malfunctioning OS vieW


sysoP vieW :-)
¿or is it revers when i'm not cageD

the above is a old photo of my former home at address eerstE vaN swindenstraaT 565, 1093LC amsterdaM easT, thE netherlandS
i'm not around there anymore.

(-: I like the rain very much, if i do have a house of course :-)

. . .

Those photos above are being made with a Nikon D60 (DSLR) digital camera, with a AF-S DX NIKKOR18-200mm f/3.5-5.6G ED VR II lenses.
They are being stole from me by someone (an boy) who I did let sleep in my house for some weeks while i'm not there at that time.
Stupid me :-(

. . .