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electroniC midi keyboard music
Advised to make use of a headphone when listening to it, it's made by and especially for headphones.

Released 2013
ZoHrA by ZeNNeC

Released in 2011
Fustro by ZeNNeC
Credit vocals: Google Translate english female voice 2011
Thanks to Diana, Layla and Mohamed (all-together a.k.a.: dalaI lamA)
ZeNNeC - Fustro music files

Released on 10-2011
Wieleuk (Mentrum Arkin edition) by ZeNNeC
Credit vocals: Google Translate english female voice 2011
ZeNNeC - Wieleuk music fileS

Released on 01-2011 dual cover CD
Duck2God by ZeNNeC
Credit vocals: Google Translate english female voice 2011

Released in 2010
Popcorn by ZeNNeC

This 3D art is being made by: "De Plaatjes Maker".
Released between 2009-2010
The Flight Of An Eagle by ZeNNeC

The above music is made with software called "Propellerhead Reason 5" for Windows,

I don't have access to those above named keyboards otherwise i should had make more music with it.
They are stored in a rented box, i don't know if i will ever have access to it again.
It's already three and a half years ago that i'm being in those rented boxes.
I do not want to see my stored items in those rented boxes if I lose the stored stuff anyway for 
if I do not have enough money to pay the rent for those boxes for any longer.