ZeNNeC G-Suite accountS

For the people who has a ZeNNeC G-Suite account and need the addresses to login on ZeNNeC G-Suite Gmail or other apps go to the
following addresses below. 
 ZeNNeC Google Gmail:

 ZeNNeC Google Drive: (formally known as Google Docs)

 ZeNNeC Google Calendar:

  ZeNNeC Google Sites: 

Those URL's above are starting with the http protocol but you will be forwarded with the https Google G-Suite SSL/TLS protocol
so don't worry you will be safe. This is because of Google Classics Sites custom domains can't still not be provided by Google with SSL/TLS protocols.

If you click at your name or avatar at the right above of your email account you can go to your global main account settings same as what Google Accounts for you provide at Google Gmail.
  Also you can click on this  icon at the left of your name and avatar to access more G-Suite apps provided by Google.

The following icons in the picture aren't clickable, it's just an example what you can see at your account.