Gridcoin (GRC) is an Rewarding Volunteer Distributed Computing 
(also called Gridcoin mining)
Gridcoin (GRC) is an cryptocurrency similar like Bitcoin (BTC) by earning them with computing projects on your computer with the Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing client named "BOINC" described at our page called boinC at the menu on the left of this website page.

Where do you start with Gridcoin (GRC) mining:

A website with some basic information about Gridcoin including a video about it.

Gridcoin website with lot of information and Gridcoin Research Wallet software
Gridcoin Research Wallet software downloads for Windows 64Bit / MacOS DMG / Linux / BOINCtasks / BOINC Clients / Boinc Server Docker Container

Gridcoin Official Partner Site
1. Enter your mail to receive some Gridcoins for a good start. This promotion is limited in time and supply and remains a present without obligation to foster wider use. There is no legal recourse to be pursued.
2. In return we send you additional info, hints and explanation on how to enter your Gridcoin address in order to receive this gift. is your one-stop place for Gridcoin (GRC) Cryptocurrency Information. 
Hosting a comprehensive block explorer, mining information, poll data and much more! Get some free Gridcoins at our faucet!

This is a Gridcoin Research Mining Pool. Join the pool, crunch, and earn Gridcoin!

A free wellknown Gridcoin (GRC) online web wallet 
You can use this for withdrawal Gridcoins for by example pool projects at the above Gridcoin Research Mining Pool website if you do not use Gridcoin Research Wallet software on your own computer.

NOTICE: I have just started Gridcoins myself, so this is my temporary information about it for now and my given information about it can be wrong.

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