emergency first aiD

Description abiviration: "E.H.B.O." stand for short in the dutch languages as "Eerste Hulp Bij Ongevallen", 
and that means in the English languages: "First Aid In Accidents".

Description text "Eerste Hulp Verlener" means in the English languages "Emergency First Aid".
help given to a sick or injured person until full medical treatment is available.
an expert in emergency first aid
Synonyms: care, treatment, help, medical attention, assistance, ministrations

I'm qualified to wear this one on my jacked sinds my 24 year.
The Insigne that i can't find on the Internet as image to show you, is witch i did qualifier from my age of 12 years
and is being kept behind at my ex-girlfriend's house so called my ex-wife, however we both never been married with each other by church and / or by city-hall, but it never had be ment to become separated of each other because we did love each other and we did had a son together.
Because of some jealousy of the Dutch royal family of Oranje Nassau or some of them.
They steal souls, like my kid, like my son, like my girlfriends son.

 The former dutch royal Queen called Beatrix of Oranje Nassau is an B*tch! 
 Probably she have taken my (E.H.B.O.) "First Aid Insigne", because one of my friends his arm was broken and i asked him to move his arm after the 
 accident and diagnosed his arm as not being broken (at my 13 years of age). 
So she doesn't trust my ability to give an right diagnoses if her arm was being broken, 
 I can fix that for you former Queen of the Netherlands Beatrix of Oranje Nassau ! 
 I will personally break your arm and it will be diagnoses by me as being broken for sure, and then you can give me my Insigne back. 

 (on februari 2019) Her son of the Dutch former Queen of the Netherlands of Oranje Nassau named zijne koninklijke hoogheid prins Constantijn of Oranje Nassau did say to me That he did raped my son. 
 It's probably the truth.
 They (the dutch royal family of Oranje Nassau of The Netherlands) did psychic torcher me from the year of 1994 till presents the year of 2019. 
 When they started psychic torcher me his royal highness Prince Bernhard of Lippe-Biesterfeld (senior), and his royal highness Prince Claus of the 
Netherlands, Jonkheer van Amsberg and his son his royal highness Prince Johan Friso were still alive. 

 After almost 24 years I have it with them. 
 They will not change, i did gave them many changes but they still make abuse of me.
 They make abuse of people who have an good soul, people who are honest and fair. 

That was an white round Insigne standing white cross (like the + symbol) filled up with some kind of brown background color at my blue colored 
Sea Scout - Scouting uniform, with exactly that uniform i did stand at the Amsterdam square monument (probably in the year of the 1983) remembering the fallen dead's of the second World War 1940-1945, I am the first next to the right of the 
former queen of the Netherlands hare koninklijke hoogheid Beatrix Van Oranje Nassau.
It's probably available on an television recording video of that time.

I want my Insigne back!
my lovely girlfriend!
my own son!
his lovely mother!
my dear mother!
my lovely little brother!
all of my other family!
all of my friends!
of course our animals!
our plants!
The Richard Scary Books for my little brother! isn't he has them already, or for Queen Elizabeth The Queen of England

 and an answer on the question "Why, what I did take from you?" 
 You crazy Bitch! 

 It's petty the attack with the car didn't hit you! 
 You f***ing B*tch!
 maybe next time better 
 Maybe one of my Taliban friends  will kill you, you f***ing Bitch! 

 My mother's friend Saddam Hussain and her friend (She calls him a Prince) Yasser Arafat
 and my own friend colonel Gaddafi will wait on you in HELL you crazy B*tch! 
 I will join them in Time to give you mercey if I want, it can take a while before you get it You Crazy B*tch! 
 Call for your daddy now you can You F***ing Crazy B*tch! 

 Probably they killed also our King of Pop Michael Jackson, Prince, George Michael, Amy Winehouse, Whitney Houston, and David Bowie, 
 and Steve Jobs because they can give people cancer (like my own mother in 2008) by give them psychological negatives vibes.

 May the Goddess and Gods have there souls in safety, 

 My mother learned me with psychological negatives vibes your body isn't in harmony and will create diseases like cancer, 
 but doctors will deny that as truth of courses of cancer, but those same doctors deny the existence of paranormal powers like 
 telepathy and telekinesis. 
 But then how come the Dutch royal family of Oranje Nassau of The Netherlands make abuse of those not existing paranormal powers 

 The current king of the Netherlands his highness king Willem Alexander is not being crowned but he is inaugurated, 
 because he do not have the pope and the vatican of Rome on his side to be crowned 
 because of his evil deeds of before, 
 he was a not god-fearing crown prince 
 and thereby they are not devoutly religious enaf to get the pope of the vatican in Rome his permission to be crowned 
 that's why 
 It's a fake king, but oke we will do with him, a fake king has not to become a bad king, 
 As after i did see a recap of his inaugurating (because i didn't wanted to watch it) on that day at the news broadcast on television i was thinking   It looks he takes it very seriously 
 It could become a good King with his wife at his side as the inaugurated Queen of the Netherlands
 I must say i did not talk for years with the King of the Netherlands after his inauguration if i am right.
 We kept each other alone for the most important moment when everybody's life depends on it IF I AM RIGHT isn't it his royal highness king 
 Willem Alexander of Oranje Nassau
 Or am I naive? 
 We will see for sure... 
 And what about your family's wishes about traveling in time if I am right your living brother his wishes his royal highness Prins Constantijn 
 and that on the spheres controlled by the human mind so non machines involved to use to travel in time witch is in my opinion not possible and 
 with your family's reputation will never be going well for sure 
 And what about sexual abuse of little kids in the spheres of lucid dreams? they have made me paranoid with those thoughts because i was scared 
 they are raped little kids in my own lucid dreams 
 Lucid dreams i have from the time of my early youth. 
 Also they had stopped my normal dreams at night as well, just like my father told me he never dreams at night, but i did for many years. 
 Probably they don't want that i regenerate at night in sleep with lucid dreams to get rid of those traumatic experiences they give my for almost 
 24 years now and to get me out of balance and to give other people the thoughts of being mad and or physiological not well and a so 
 called Schizophrenic. 

O ja...
They (the Dutch royal family of Oranje Nassau) have managed to get our Dutch multimilionar son Johnny de Mol
(he is the son of the Dutch media tycoon John de Mol Jr.) as insider of the Internet Radio Station I do listen for many years now called Frisky Radio at the Internet address http://www.friskyradio.com and http://frisky.fm
So now they can have influences at the music I listen to, if they need
they probably already had but now they have more influence with him inside of the Internet radio station named Frisky Radio | feelin' frisky?
I must say the music is becoming better in the last months : - ) lucky me...
Or it must be his own Internet radio station witch i didn't know before.
No i did just check at this pages nothing of him for now:
But I think he is rich enough to buy the whole Internet radio station if he wants
But he is there for some months now already, so he will probably has some influences there if needed
I almost listen the whole day to it, even when i sleep it's on

 It's now monday 4 march of the year 2019 at 04:45 AM and I am tired and still did not smoked the sticky with 
weed witch i promised myself some hours ago, so I gonna roll it now and go outside on the street to smoke it.
I use only nanograms of weed into it, and call it a sticky because its a very thin sized joint.
I don't want to get stoned
I only want to get a little high

and still i add text to this page...

. . .

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