Elfstedentocht, where men become heroes
Elfstedentocht - where men becomes heroes

Let's pray to the Ice Goddess and to the Ice God's that there will be an "Elfstedentocht" (Eleven cities tour) again this year of 2018!
This is the greatest happening on Earth ever, and would be the best for ever also.
I heave been there in the 90's at the ice, so i know.
On television it's great, but at the ice is much more greater.

Please look at this about it:

(-: They are crazy people at a to much crazy journey at the same time :-)
and yes, for us, THEY ARE HEROES! 

So let's pray for it please?
Normally I don't border the Goddess and God's with praying, but for this i will make an exception, hehe...
If you see the Elfstedentocht at the ice for real You know why.

So, "Elfstedentocht" please?

. . .

4 september 2018 14:26:00 GMT+0200 (CEST)