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You can reach me (ZeNNeC) by Skype at the following Skype invite hyperlink:

Or you can reach me (ZeNNeC) by my Facebook account:
(This account is set temporarily offline by myself)

Google Gmail
Or you can reach me (ZeNNeC) at my email address
(but without spaces in between, so together, to prevent spam).
zennec @ gmail . com

Recular mail

Or simply by post (letter, card, or parcel) via the old-fashioned postman at the address:

Patrian R.M. Pastor

............. .. .

.... .., .........

Noord-Holland The Netherlands

Or with my landline phone number:
(voicemail to email is active for this number).
I have owned this number since 2001.
+31 (0) 20-7742075

Or with my cell phone number:
I have owned this cell phone number since 1999, from my now deceased mother (at 2008).
+31 (0) 6-23094646

Well if it doesn't work out then Telepathie will remain, if you speak to me calmly and sweetly with your thought with my 
name Patrian then everything will be fine ...

. . .