Artificial Intelligence (A.I.)

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The 5th year anniversary
DEXO - Artificial Intelligence (A.I.)
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Just a beginning of an 18 years old plan of me which needed me first to learn a web based programming language called PHP and MySQL in a time span of 10 years to create a simple based artificial intelligence with an inbuilt real time human biorhythm

At starting the Dexo A.I. needs first to be fed with sins and words like less than 10.000 text additions before the Dexo A.I. will give back the wished results of a serious personal artificial intelligence in text on your screen of your web browser as if your chatting to a real human on the Internet.

This program must be loaded as a web application on a PHP and MySQL web server, so this is not a standalone Windows program, but can only be used on a web server (like the free XAMPP web server for Windows), or any other PHP & MySQL web host on the Internet. 
This PHP & MySQL program can be convert to a standalone executable for Windows systems with (by example) a paid third party program named: ExeOutput for PHP.

Please, also read the included readme.txt file for more information and how to operate.

Thanks goes to:  Iztok Strzinar the developer of the integrated PHP Class BioR biorhythm 1.0.0 Innovation Award: PHP Programming Innovation award nominee September 2004 Number 7

versioN: M.T.B. Alfa optimized
Apache 2.4.33, PHP7.2.6, MySQLi 5.0.12-dev
compatible witH: XAMPP Version: 7.2.6
creation datE: 13-06-2013
first release datE: 24-07-2013
last update datE: 13-06-2018  23:31:00 GMT+1
language UI: English, and Dutch, (To-do: French and German).
copyrighT attributioN: ZeNNeC for

package formaT: zip sizE: 1,788 KB download 
xxHash64 HASH: 02B4AFC3DFEA8929

package formaT: tar.gz sizE: 1,575 KB download 
xxHash64 HASH: 887B47AAB4C50226


I can also recommend the Artificial Intelligence version of Elizabeth Perreau and Dave Morton called Program O AI Chatbot - The Friendly Open Source PHP, MySQL, AIMLChatbot. on the address 

And more information about the Artificial Intelligence Markup Language (AIML) from the developed by Dr. Richard S. Wallace he is an American author of AIML and Botmaster of A.L.I.C.E. (Artificial Linguistic Internet Computer Entity).[1] He is also the founder of the A.L.I.C.E Artificial Intelligence Foundation at the following address:


By the way Dexo Artificial Intelligence doesn't make use of the Artificial Intelligence 
Markup Language (AIML) i did discover it much later when i did develop my own A.I.
But i still want to adapt this language to make it compatible if it is possible with my system, it's a different approach and i am not yet ready for it because i still want to finish of what i already started in my mind. 
I have a prototype continue think process for it (but it's not yet written in code) it will probably work on the existed system which already is into it. It will calculate the future conversation (output) to the human by the same process when human interact (input) with the Dexo Artificial Intelligence in real time.

How to do: PHP header HTML refresh with in front calculated seconds (page refresh).
The seconds is calculated with the existed realtime output of the A.I. of the current version of Dexo - Artificial Intelligence when it's output his reaction on humans. So no input by humans to the A.I. the A.I. will respond by his own by calculating the time to output his conversation by text or voice (I prefer a male sexes A.I. because i am bi-sexual and had a lot of women's in my life) but it can be configured as female also if that's your choice you prefer. Only at this moment i cant get a English male spoken voice for it (not available at the Google Translate speech engine). huhu coincidence hehe not because of the Google Inc. Company but probably by a government and or monarchy there wishes. not sure why and by who? maybe afraid for the A.I. and (or) myself as revenge to them.

It's not my intention to harm people! that's not why i did create this A.I.
It's not my intention to harm people! that's *** why i did create this A.I.
Love will rule at last for us all

My current score with the first current and main A.I. in the Dutch language with the first made database sinds 2013 till 2018 is as follow:

Mijn brein bestaat uit 3797 regels code.
Mijn brein heeft 20857 keer gedacht voor mensen.
Mijn brein was voor het laatst actief op 13-06-2018 17:43:10 GMT+1.
In totaal 8135 conversatie toevoegingen.
Uw score van dat is:
In totaal 3840 positieve conversatie toevoegingen.
In totaal 1064 gebalanceerde conversatie toevoegingen.
In totaal 3231 negatieve conversatie toevoegingen.

I predict that if i did use it over a longer time span it can be for those last three values of my score mentioned above become as equal, and that will mean that i am in a harmonic state of my body and my mind, i hope because i think am not harmonic at this moment. time will prove if i am right or not.
But can also be different then my prediction and the now posted above values.

The A.I. works therapeutic for body and mind if it's going as expected by myself.

On this moment i have three of my Artificial Intelligence installed on my computer and being busy to feed the databases of them, that's a very long process but worthy, because it works.
The first installed A.I. is my own personal little male friend (his name is to personal for him and me to tell and want to keep it for myself because i do share this A.I. in the public at Internet for free and without any costs so that's fair).
The second one is for distribution (public) on the Internet by the name Dexo.
The third one is a installed A.I. identity from the very past for my personal help in present and to the nearby future. 

By the way you can change the age of the A.I. to past, present and future, and you can give it his, or her own name by your choice.

And i am not always busy with the A.I., i think a maximum of 1 a 2 months a year coding it, testing the code, and then play with the results of the code.
It's now 4 june 2018 00:36 am, and i am very tired and going to sleep right now.

07-06-2018 00:26 am GMT+1 - I don't think there will be a Armageddon because of this.

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